Company Profile

Emerald Carrying Company commenced operations in 1966, started by the Haylock Family and delivering General Freight to the Emerald region off rail cars.  The General Freight division has expanded over the years to now include a large number of B Double combinations, delivering products from our Geebung Depot to the Emerald Depot 6 days a week.  The freight is then dispatched across the Central Highlands region to our large client base that includes local business, consumers, and large mining and industrial companies.

1994 saw the commencement of bulk liquid haulage with one truck and tanker combination.  In 2012, we now operate 54 B Double combinations & 4 AB Triple combinations. The fleet numbers and variations allow for flexibility during peak periods, we can utilise our geographic locations to move the fleet around and to suit specific demand.  Emerald Carrying employs 180 staff which operate from depots at Gracemere, Emerald, Mackay and Brisbane.  Our fleet runs out of Fuel Terminals at Gladstone & Mackay to operate around the mining sites of Central Queensland.  Our AB Triple combinations are allocated to our Western Queensland Clients; this allows for a more efficient and effective means of fuel delivery for the longer haul operations. ECC has three designated Logistics Fuel managers monitoring site levels and provisioning the fleet to suit the requirements of each site.

Over the past two years ECC has made substantial investments in its depot facilities, with a new  $3 Million Depot being purpose built in Mackay, which was opened in February 2011, and a redevelopment at our Gracemere depot which included the construction of a new workshop facility, fully automated wash down facility and the complete concreting of the entire hard stand.  These facilities are modern, state of the art and act as an aid to a safer working environment with greater efficiencies for our staff and our customers.

ECC‘s operational systems have changed greatly over the years with its expansion, however some things remain the same, safety has always been paramount within our overall operations.  Where required we have drivers registered on BFM and monitor this process stringently.  To assist with fatigue we operate OPELERT, a state of the art eye monitor fixed to eye glasses.  This system is connected to on board audible alarms and monitors which alert drivers to the level of fatigue their eyes experience.  As a result drivers have become more aware of how fatigue plays a role in day to day activities and highlights the importance of quality rest.  OPELERT has made ECC and its drivers safer on our national highways.  We want our drivers with their families every night so we look for innovative ideas and solutions that allow that process to happen.

Of course nothing runs smoothly without a solid maintenance programme.  Gracemere, Emerald and Mackay operate a fully functional maintenance staff with a fully equipped workshop facility.  At those facilities we have installed certified brake and suspension testers, & weight scales.  This allows our qualified mechanical staff firsthand knowledge of what brakes and suspension specifications are within the fleet.  This has become an immense help in our overall maintenance routine as it takes away the element of error and allows us to maintain our fleet to the highest standard, to keep it rolling and to keep our people and your people safe on our roads.

Our fleet consists of Kenworth prime movers which run the latest Enviro friendly engines, giving us cleaner air, better power, greater reliability.  ABS & EBS braking is part of everyday life now which is also seen on our tanker combinations.  ABS & EBS Braking is the safe alternative to braking allowing for smoother, more responsive, safer braking as it minimises potential lockups in the event of emergency breaking thus keeps the prime mover and trailers straight.

As part of our commitment to our customers and our commitment to safety we employ full time CERT 4 driver trainers which monitor our driver staff so we maintain the highest level of drivers within our fleet.  As an added benefit to us and our customers these trainers also monitors safe practices within the driver environment.  ECC house one trainer in Mackay and another in Gracemere on a full time basis. In 2011 we set about obtaining AS4801 Certification and employed a full time HSSE manager to oversee the complex process of managing a HSSE department.

Since the early days Emerald Carrying has been a huge supporter of local social and sporting groups throughout the region.  ECC gives financial and personal support to a wide range of social and sporting committees and is proud to do so.  When you have been involved with the community since 1966, its hard not to get involved.  That support is not confined to the just social and sport activities; it goes to the heart of local government.  One of the Haylock family members has had an active role in local government for 14 years.  Six years was spent as deputy major. Central Queensland is the home of Emerald Carrying Company and is proud to be a contributor to our community wealth via its contributions back into the community and into the economy.